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Mediation is another process to get divorced and for some people it can be a better method. It is important that your mediator also be an attorney as attorneys know the law on which the agreement should be based. You want your agreement to not only be peacefully created but also enforceable should the peace end years down the road. Many mediators are only interested in getting to an agreement and don’t think about the fact that the agreement is the rulebook by which you and your spouse will be playing for the next decade or so.

Child support and visitation are two examples of issues which are frequently litigated post judgment. Ms. Kaminetzky has years of experience litigating agreements in court and therefore has a very good idea of how an agreement should be structured to minimize the chance of gray areas – this is ultimately what you want – peace forever, not just peace for now. In addition, after each party has had a separate attorney review the agreement, Kaminetzky & Associates, P.C. is well equipped to draft and execute the final papers that need to be submitted to the court. Your papers will have to go through the court process, but you don’t have to.

Mediation can also be useful in resolving disputes where it is not a forgone conclusion that there will be an end to the relationship. Family owned business, or conflict between family members over other types of decisions can also be successfully mediated. These types of mediations can help people work together rather than end the relationship.

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