Mediators and Attorneys: What To Expect From Each Process

Mediators and Attorneys: What To Expect From Each Process

The choice between using a mediator or an attorney isn’t always easy – a consultation with each can give the client some basic information of what to expect. The use of mediators has increased in recent years as people are looking for a more peaceful way to divorce. I have a mediation certificate as well […]

New Bill Affects Value of Professional Licenses in Divorce Proceedings

New York will most likely have new legislation regarding maintenance fees in the coming weeks. Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign this piece of legislation that was recently passed by both houses. Last week, in my discussion of maintenance and other fees, I explained the process of determining maintenance awards, child support and attorneys […]

Maintenance, Attorney’s Fees and Child Support: Who Pays for What

Divorces often bring about financial disagreements, especially when one spouse earns more than the other. The lower earning spouse can fight for maintenance, attorney’s fees and child support. Last week, I gave an overview of different custody options couples are faced with during and after the divorce process. It is important that each party has […]

Custody Arrangements: What Works Best for You

Clients with children often ask me about the different custody arrangements that come with divorce as their children are frequently their main concern. Knowing the different scenarios that come with each arrangement is important for ensuring an outcome that best suits each couple and their children. New York has several types of custody: true joint […]