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Why Annulment is Not Easier than Getting Divorced in New York

When New York required fault grounds prior to 2010, people who were married only a short time and had no children might have considered annulment rather than divorce proceedings. Now that New York has divorce based on irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, annulment in New York is actually more complicated than divorce. Just like New [...]

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Automatic Restraining Orders in Divorce

When clients are served with divorce papers, they are often confused about why there is a restraining order included. They may have done nothing to necessitate a restraining order, and can become concerned with how they are going to pay for things like a mortgage or expenses involving children. Several years ago, New York instituted [...]

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Child Custody & Support in New York State

In a divorce, one of the most contentious issues can be custody of the children. It is important that both parties fully comprehend the types of custody that exist and what each of them entails so that they can determine what will suit them and what will benefit their children most. Sometimes clients have questions [...]

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Maintenance – lump sum or payments?

Many clients who are in a position to receive maintenance (formerly known as alimony) are not sure whether they should take the promise of monthly maintenance payments from their spouse or take a lump sum. There are several good reasons to take a lump sum, especially with New York’s new maintenance guidelines. New York instituted [...]

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