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Therapy and Divorce

Sometimes clients need help resolving personal issues that are not within my expertise. They may need to be able to come to terms with the loss of their marriage and the part they played in it. They frequently have stress and even post traumatic stress disorder. Since I am not equipped to treat them, I [...]

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The One Session Mediation

Yes, you read that correctly. It can and has been done. I have successfully mediated a divorce which took only one session. The couple had no children, no real estate, and very few assets and debts. They both wanted to reach an agreement quickly and were willing to work together toward that goal. There was [...]

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Update on Divorce and Tax Law

Now that the new tax law is official, this is what it means for divorcing couples: First of all, alimony or maintenance as we call it in New York, will not be deductible by the payor for any agreement executed after December 31, 2018. Note that the divorce judgment does not need to be signed—only [...]

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