Do You Know the Story of Saint Valentine? by Deborah E. KaminetzkyBack in the days of the Romans, a law was passed that the soldiers were not allowed to get married because it was believed that romance would take their minds off of the battle and they would not do well. A Catholic priest named Valentine married about 200 soldiers to their girlfriends in secret. His actions were discovered, and he was put to death. Later he was made a saint.

This is why we have Valentine’s Day today. It’s a day full of romance, filled with candy and flowers. Many people get engaged on Valentine’s Day as a result.

Perhaps the Romans were on to something. If all you are thinking about is romance you may not be thinking about long term strategy. Speaking to an attorney or mediator familiar with matrimonial and estate planning  before you get married will help ensure that you understand your financial position and how to protect it in case of divorce or death. The process of negotiating a prenuptial agreement also includes full disclosure. A conversation about each parties expectations and goals should be a part of the process of engagement. A prenup is not as romantic as candy and flowers; however, marriage is not just about romance, it is a lifelong partnership!

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