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Small Business Legal and Advisory Services

We work with small businesses including home improvement contractors, tutors, direct sellers, shopkeepers and more. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, we can provide advice and legal services to help your business be the best it can be.

We start with an initial consultation and then create a customized plan to help your small business succeed. Our substantial initial consultation includes a visit to your location (within Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau or Suffolk counties in New York State) where we can truly see how and where your business operates and be better able to make recommendations for improvement so that your business can thrive.

After we’ve concluded the initial consultation and site visit, we’ll provide you with recommendations for how to proceed to best meet your business’ goals. Your customized plan may include some or all of the following, which represents a sampling of the services we offer to small businesses. After reviewing your plan, you may choose to proceed with all of our recommendations, or you may choose only some of the options we have presented. We can help you to prioritize if you cannot implement the entire plan at once. The cost of our services will depend on the needs of your business, the options you choose, and the complexity and volume of the work required to best support your business success.

We can:

  • Analyze and suggest entity formation. If your entity is already formed, a review of compliance with corporate requirements such as annual meetings and minutes.
  • Advice on collection matter and guidance as to wording of collection letters to help you collect faster. We can send a letter as your lawyer should that be necessary.
  • Collections analysis, including review of your existing collections letters, contracts or sales agreements and recommendations for changes or improvements that will boost your collections ratios. And if you don’t have contracts in place, we can help you change that!
  • Contract reviews and negotiation – from vendor contracts to supplier contracts to leasing and employment contracts. We can review existing agreements and help you to negotiate the best terms. We can even keep track of your contracts and notify you when it’s time to renew!
  • Insurance audit – do you have the right types of insurances? Do you have enough coverage? We can review your existing insurance policies and advise you about additional coverage you might need.
  • Technology audit – are you operating at your best efficiency for the price? Do you have questions about whether to invest in new technology? We can help and get you in touch with some of the best tech people!
  • Accounting and bookkeeping – Whether your receipts are in a shoebox or you have an accounting method but think you could be more efficient, we can make recommendations to help you get paid faster and make billing, accounting and bookkeeping less of a headache.
  • Litigation – Everyone dreads the possibility of being involved in a lawsuit, but it does happen, and we’re here to help. If we can’t handle the case, we can refer you to someone with the knowledge and experience in the specific area of law you need, and we’ll stay with you throughout. Having a trusted advisor you can call significantly reduces the stress in these situations.
  • Succession planning – It’s never to early to start planning for your future. Although you may just be starting out, you need a plan for the continuity of your business should something unexpected happen to you or sale of the business one day when you’re ready to move on.

Our site visit and customized plan may include recommendations for services that we do not provide. In addition to all of the services our firm can offer to you and your business, we have an extensive network of trusted professionals in virtually every field. We may refer you to other professionals for areas such as accounting/bookkeeping, technology and insurance, as an example. We will still be in the loop and you will always have a base so you don’t fall through the cracks.

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