Who Gets the Frozen Embryos in a Divorce?

As if couples don’t have enough to think about when dividing assets and deciding on custody, the concept of making decisions about reproductive technology is becoming more common. Many people are waiting longer to get married and start families, and many people are beginning to take advantage of the newest reproductive technology available to them. [...]

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The One Session Mediation

Yes, you read that correctly. It can and has been done. I have successfully mediated a divorce which took only one session. The couple had no children, no real estate, and very few assets and debts. They both wanted to reach an agreement quickly and were willing to work together toward that goal. There was [...]

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“Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright”…Or Is It?

Bob Marley, the singer famous for the song Three Little Birds, whose chorus was: “Don’t worry about a thing ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright” passed away on May 11th,1981, without a will, with a fortune, and with at least eleven children from several different mothers, one of whom was his wife. The court [...]

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Custody Arrangements: What Works Best for You

Clients with children often ask me about the different custody arrangements that come with divorce as their children are frequently their main concern. Knowing the different scenarios that come with each arrangement is important for ensuring an outcome that best suits each couple and their children. New York has several types of custody: true joint [...]

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