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Why You Should Consult with an Attorney Prior to Deciding to Divorce

Many potential clients come in for a consultation once they have been served with divorce papers or already moved out of their home. Often if not always, there are clear signs that a marriage is in trouble and that divorce may be imminent. As with most other aspects of your life, having information prior to [...]

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“Game Over”

Hitting the news lately is the fact that there is apparently a new growing cause of divorce, at least in the UK. The video game Fortnite was listed in 200 divorces so far in 2018 as being partly to blame for the demise of the marriage. While we in New York have “irretrievable breakdown” as [...]

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The Role of the Review Attorney in Mediation

Mediation clients often ask: why do I need a review attorney? Mediation is becoming ever more popular as people realize the value of having help in making decisions about their split; however, they do not want to “lawyer up” and risk having an adversarial situation. The mediator does not represent either party and will be [...]

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What is a QDRO?

A QDRO is a qualified domestic relations order. This is an order regarding retirement accounts. In a divorce, retirement accounts are frequently the subject of equitable distribution. Each party would be entitled to their marital share of the other’s retirement accounts. An evaluation is performed using what is known as the Majauskas formula. This formula [...]

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What to Expect at Our Divorce Consultation

Many potential clients come to us when they are in the planning stage of a divorce. No one has served any papers, sometimes they are not even sure they want to file for divorce, they are just thinking about it. When we have a consultation for a divorce, we ask that the potential client come [...]

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Court is Like a Box of Chocolates

What is an “attorney for the child” and what does it mean for my case? Often when parents who are divorcing are already in court and do not agree on custody, the court will assign an “attorney for the child.” This is an attorney who will interview both parents and the child or children. The [...]

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Continuing Education for Mediation

Mediation is gaining in popularity, so much so that there are a proliferation of people advertising that they do mediation. Some of them are attorneys, some of them are not. Many of them have had absolutely no training in mediation, yet will sit down with a couple and “mediate.” New York has no licensure for [...]

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